Loan Periods & Fines


Collection Description Circulation Policy Fine Rate
Audiobooks Audiobooks available on CD and MP3. Travellers, homemakers, equipment operators and seamstresses have all enjoyed using them. Try them out! 3 weeks

10¢ per day

Max $5.00 per item

Books Over 20,000 books for readers of all ages & interests.
Children’s books are colour-coded:

  • Blue: Easy
  • Yellow: Beginner Readers

3 weeks

NOTE: If others are waiting, books will not be renewed.

10¢ per day

Max $5.00 per item for adult books/$2.00 per item for children’s books

DVDs Both children’s and adult movies and television shows. Reference DVDs include Eyewitness junior non-fiction series. 3 weeks

10¢ per day

Max $5.00 per item for adult DVDs/$2.00 per item for children’s DVDs

Magazines Magazine subscriptions with limited back issues. Click here for a list of our magazines. Current issue: In-Library Use Only
Back issues: 3 weeks

25¢ per day

Max $5.00 per item

Maps Small collection of local, topographical and major Canadian city and Canadian road maps are available for in-library use or photocopying. In-Library Use Only
Music CDs We have a small selection of children’s music. 3 weeks

10¢ per day

Max $2.00 per item

Newspapers The Free Press, The Elkford Focus The Free Press – In-Library Use Only.  The Elkford Focus are free to take.
Free pamphlets available for issues of current interest.
For Sale Donated books for sale – $1.00 ea. or three for $5.00